Upcoming Events at the Far Out Lounge

Mr. Pete smiling and crossing his arms

Mr. Pete's Playhouse Tropical Dance Party at The Far Out Lounge

July 21st from 10am - Noon

Mr. Pete's Playhouse is coming to Austin, TX! Join us for a lively celebration of Afro-Caribbean culture with summer vibes, dancing, and singing. We'll take a musical journey to the Virgin Islands to enjoy the beach with “Splish Splash” and “Red Submarine,” and learn with fun tunes like “The Days of the Week” and “The Alphabet Song.” Get ready for an adventure as we Blast off! to Outer Space. No summer party is complete without dancing the “Summer Slide!” So, join us at The Breakfast Boogie to clap your hands, stomp your feet, and get ready to jump up and down at this Tropical Dance Party!

Past Shows

SaulPaul performing in front of a toddler and her father
Charlie Faye performing on stage with a child at the front of the stage
Charlie Faye and The Fanimals
Hot Toast performing on stage
Hot Toast Music Co.
Uncle Jumbo posing with families on stage
Uncle Jumbo
Hip Hop 50th Anniversay flier
Hip Hop 50th Anniversay
Bavu Blakes
Bavu Blakes
DJ Smackola and Romero
DJ Smackola and Romero
Coach Mondo posing while Romero emcees and dancers from Burn N' Serve Crew and Cap City Rockers get ready to dance
Coach Mondo and Burn N' Serve Crew
DJ Monte Carlo showing how work turntables
DJ Monte Carlo
Strawbitty Yops on stage with children playing insturments in front of them
Strawbitty Yops
Joe McDermott on stage with children watching
Joe McDermott
Frederico 7 on stage with children playing insturments in front of them
Frederico 7
Staci Gray smiling
Staci Gray
Lesly Reynaga singing in front of a fan
Lesly Reynaga
Akins Mariachi Band posing with Lesly Reynaga
Akins Mariachi Band
Micah Shalom and his band posing on stage
Micah Shalom
SaulPaul performing in front of a toddler and her father
Telephone Company performing in costume
Telephone Company
Uncle Jumbo sitting on stage
Uncle Jumbo
Sara Hickman performing on stage
Sara Hickman
Dead Music Capital Band performing on stage
Dead Music Capital Band
Mama Birds performing on stage with their children
Mama Birds
Sunny Day event banner
Sunny Day - Family Fest
Mega Ran performing on stage
Mega Ran
Uncle Jumbo performing on stage
Uncle Jumbo
Funny Honey smiling and using two paper bag puppets
Funny Honey
Earth Day Get Together event banner
Earth Day Get Together
Red Yarn performing with a puppet
Red Yarn
Andy Sprouts
Andy Sprouts
Frederico 7 performing
Frederico 7
Capoeira ATX Kids
Capoeira ATX Kids


Thanks to our Supporters!

Want to support family friendly music?

Contact us at thebreakfastboogie@gmail.com to become a sponsor!


Austin, TX — If you're the parent of a young child, you're always looking for something fun to do with your kids on a weekend morning. Well, if you're in Austin, look no further - here comes The Breakfast Boogie, a live concert series for kids and parents, under the shady trees of the Far Out Lounge in South Austin.

Presented in partnership with KUTX and Spare the Rock, Spoil the Child, the series features well-loved acts including Saul Paul, Charlie Faye & The Fanimals, Uncle Jumbo, and Strawbitty Yops, all at the family-friendly time of 10am.

The Breakfast Boogie was originally conceptualized by Charlie Faye and Cindy Haws, both with family music projects of their own. This series is brought to fruition through partnership with KUTX and Spare the Rock, Spoil the Child. Faye, who has a history in the music community as an artist and an organizer, entered into the children's music world when she had a child of her own. Cindy Haws has spent years as professional musician, educator and a children's performer, has a good take on what works for kids and parents.

The series aims to curate a diverse lineup of music that expands and educates, creates community, and provides rich musical experiences that will embed the love of music in all who attend.

Enjoy an adult beverage or food from one of the food trucks in the colorful eclectic atmosphere of the Far Out Lounge, as kids play and experience live music in one of Austin's best venues.

Get down at The Breakfast Boogie every month on Saturday mornings at 10am at The Far Out Lounge. Ticket prices are $10/adult, $5/child, under 2 can boogie for free. Tickets will be available at http://www.thefaroutaustin.com/events.html

Non-Discrimination Policy

Recognizing that music is a unifying and healing force that brings people of all backgrounds together, The Breakfast Boogie is committed to producing music events that are accessible to the widest possible audience, regardless of age or physical ability.

The Breakfast Boogie endeavors to comply with regulations of the Americans with Disabilities Act with the following measures:

  1. Accessible seating areas
  2. On-site parking with valid placard or license plate
  3. ADA reserved seating area
  4. Accommodation made for animals providing a necessary service for their human
  5. On-site assistance provided; inquire at the box office upon arrival

If you have accessibility concerns, please contact us at thebreakfastboogie@gmail.com

It is the policy of the Breakfast Boogie not to discriminate based on race, religion, age, marital status, gender identity or gender expression, sexual orientation, citizenship status, creed, color, ethnic or national origin, military status, or disability in its employment practices or the administration of its concert activities and educational programs. The Breakfast Boogie does not tolerate discrimination of any kind.